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1Broadcasting Duo Empty Broadcasting Duo Fri Dec 26, 2014 3:29 pm



Broadcasting Duo Bd_log12
The Home of Broadcasters!

Choice of Category: Computers & Internet
Choice of Title:  Broadcasting Duo
Forum Address:
Main Language: English
Forum Description: The Forum for anyone who loves computers, software and
live streaming, Radio, Television and having fun.

Broadcasting Duo's boards and forums are as follows:

Getting Started - Category

Arrow Introductions
Arrow Announcements
Arrow VIP Lounge 
->VIP Streaming Center  (NEW)

Broadcasting Duo Services - Category

Arrow Support Center

  • Connection Problems
  • Login Problems
  • Posting Problems
  • Design and Appearance Problems
  • Other Problems

Arrow Suggestion Box

  • Suggestion Archive

 Arrow  Tutorials (NEW)
-> Broadcasting Duo Tutorials
-> Broadcasting Tutorials

Arrow The Duo Shop (NEW SHOPS NEEDED)

  • Voice Over Requests (NEW)
  • Voice Over Gallery Gallery (NEW)

-> Voice Over Gallery Proposals (NEW)
Arrow Graphic Design
->Graphic Design Requests (NEW)
Arrow Shops
->Ikerepc's GFX Shop (OPEN)

Streaming Platforms/Websites - Category

Arrow General Streaming Platforms (NEW)
->Ivlog TV
Arrow Video Game Streaming Platforms/Websites (NEW)
Arrow Radio/Music Streaming Websites Platforms (MODIFED)
->Vaughnlive TV
-> Ustream

Equipment - Category

-> Webcams
-> Video Cameras
->Talk Radio Microphones
->Music Microphones
Arrow Mixing Boards/ Sound Boards (MODIFIED)
-> Mixing Boards
-> Sound Boards
Arrow Amplifiers (Amps)/Speakers (MODIFIED)

Video/Audio & Photo Platforms - Category

Arrow Video Platforms
Arrow Audio Platforms
-> Windows Media Player
Arrow Photography Software/Platforms (NEW)
Photo Editing Software - Sub-Forum
->Adobe Photoshop
->Other Photo Editing Software
Photo Storage Platforms - Sub-Forum

Shoutcast Servers - Category (NEW)
Arrow General Shoutcast Server Discussion!
ArrowPaid Shoutcast Servers
->Other Paid Shoutcast Servers
Arrow Free Shoutcast Servers
->Other Free Shoutcast Servers

Professional Radio - Category

Arrow FM/AM Radio
->FM Radio
->AM Radio
Arrow Satellite Radio
->Sirius XM Radio
->Other Satellite Radio Providers

Television - Category

Arrow  Television Shows
Arrow  Cable Television
-> Comcast Cable
-> Verizon   
-> Other Cable Television Providers
Arrow  Satellite Television
-> Direct TV
-> Dish TV
->Other Satellite Television Providers
Arrow General TV Discussions

Advertisements - Category - (Modified)

Arrow  Advertisement Listings - Forum
->Advertisement Requests
->Approved Advertisements
|->Website Advertisements
|-> Radio Advertisements
Arrow  General Advertisement Discussions (NEW)

Off Topic - Category

Arrow  Social Media (NEW)
-> Other Social Media Websites
 Arrow  General Broadcasting Discussion (NEW)
 Arrow  General Chit chat
 Arrow  Forum Games
 Arrow The Dump (LOCKED)

Broadcasting Duo Screen13

-Brandon ~ Broadcasting Duo Founder!

Last edited by brandon_g on Sun Apr 12, 2015 9:48 pm; edited 2 times in total

2Broadcasting Duo Empty Re: Broadcasting Duo Wed Apr 01, 2015 1:08 am



Broadcasting Duo Bd_log12
The Home of Broadcasters!

Update: The Current staff is as follows:

Brandon: Founder, the highest Admin.
Legend: He is one of our earliest Administrators, he is and helps with anything and everything that needs doing (Which is most times helping with our theme).

Global Moderators:
1mtvfan:  Recently promoted from Moderator to Super Moderator, 1mtvfan is the most active moderator on the site.  He helps keep the peace!

Tester12: Tester is our moderator/Support Moderator, he loves helping people and will be more the happy to answer any questions you may have!
TigerTankFan: TigertankFan is our newest Moderator, he is currently in training, he will be more than happy to assist you with anything you need.

Graphics Designer(s) (HIRING):
Sir Chivas: He is the Graphic designer, the only member certified to do  all GFX. He also can Moderate the graphics design section and the Duo Shop.
Ikerepc: Ike just very recently join the Graphic Designer Team, although still fairly new to the field of Graphic Design he has shown very high potential to one day walk among the greats in GFX Design. He can moderate the new GFX Design section, issue reminders in all section. He is certified is to make all Graphics forum all members and users of Broadcasting Duo.

Voice Over Artist(s) (NEW) (HIRING):

Puppycheese123: Puppy cheese is Broadcasting Duo Voice Over Artist. His job is to create Voice Overs for members, staff and/or Broadcasting Duo as a whole. He also be in charge of the Voice Over section until we get more Voice Over Artists! A big welcome to the team and we look forward to hearing some good Voice Overs.

VIP Members (NEW) (WANTED):



-Brandon ~ Broadcasting Duo Founder!

3Broadcasting Duo Empty Re: Broadcasting Duo Sun Apr 05, 2015 6:13 pm



Broadcasting Duo Bd_log12
Broadcasting Duo Update: NEW FEATURE!

I have a MAJOR Update:
Yesterday (2/16/2015)  Broadcasting Duo's Administration released Broadcasting Duo's newest and greatest feature: Featured Stations (Live Streams/Radio Streams) on the HOMEPAGE. This feature has been a work in progress for just about 2 weeks or so, I had been working on it gradually over that time period (I would like to personally thank @Ange Tuteur for his helpful suggestions and guidance while I was working on this feature), it has finally been finished and rolled out yesterday. Our homepage is now a Featured Stations page (this is a major milestone for any Broadcasting focused website to achieve). For the time being the only stations featured are run and owned by our VIP Members, however, their may be the possibility it could be expanded more broadly over time. 
Broadcasting Duo Bd_new10

Enjoy listening to our Featured Stations everyone!

-Broadcasting Duo Administration

4Broadcasting Duo Empty Re: Broadcasting Duo Sun Apr 12, 2015 9:30 pm



Broadcasting Duo Bd_log12
Broadcasting Duo Update:

I have a minor update for you all:
 Arrow Topic icons ('Solved', 'Working On', 'Pro-Admin' and/or 'Important') now appear in topic itself and not just in the forum/section. I would like to thank Ange Tutuer for his assistance in getting them to appear.
 Arrow A new Broadcasting Duo Tutorial has been completed and published! More tutorials are to come later. These tutorials were made in hopes to make the site easier to use.
 Arrow We are looking for people who are willing to write more tutorials for us (both on Broadcasting Duo's features and on Broadcasting itself). If you are interested you can send me a PM. 
 Arrow Advertisement Request rules & Guidelines have been updated
 Arrow A rule has been modified in the site's Terms Of Use (TOU). Please be sure to read the updated rules!
 Arrow Want a custom Banner, Logo, Avatar or other kind of Graphic? You can request request custom graphic at Ikerepc's GFX Shop: .

-Brandon ~ Broadcasting Duo (BD) Founder

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