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1 Tips and advices for improving SEO on Mon Apr 16, 2012 3:40 pm


Yeah, I know, on the internet are a lot of such articles. But all atricles are unique, so, it's written for ForumotionHub.. I thought to write such article for my favourite forum.

Surely, we know what is SEO, or, at least, we heard about this.

Now, I want to present some tips and advices to improving it.

1. Pay attention to writing source code:
Exists some rules of writing source codes and tags. If rules from W3C aren't followed, you risk to have a website impossible to be understood by searching engines. So, it's very important to pay a specific attention to writing source code, if you want to get a site that follow the international rules. For this purpose, you are free to use the great services of W3C - The W3C Markup Validation Service.

2. Develop an apposite content in the literar sense:
The key of succes is to propose a content, correct composed, and that offer interesting informations to readers.
If your site have a content well thought out and pertinent, apposite, the pages will rise by itself. This type of content lead to growth of the site traffic, and your site links will be indexed on google (and another search engines). Try not to put flash scripts, because these are ignored by search engines, also, don't use big images on page!

3. Choose meta keywords:
The present of meta keywords plays a important role for searching engines. This will help crawlers to put you in a top.
In particular, this is considering as a resonable density for keywords that allow page to appear in google results of searching. The most frequently question is: What keywords should we choose?
We should choose some words that are really descriptive to your site subject and content. For example, if we have a site about coding, we can choose some words like: "coding", "code", "HTML", "CSS", "Javascript", "Markup", "programming", "tutorials" etc.
BUT: The word coding has about 182.000.000 results on google, so, for positioning in the first pages, isn't a easy thing to realize. Think also, about the synonyms of the principal keyword.
P.S. Don't use a lot of its. 10 keywords is enough. Search engines not appreciate at all keywords stuffing.

4. Choosing meta-tags:
Meta tags are like a identity card (ID), because of its importance for search engines. The most commont, and the most important meta tags are: title and description, because these are appearing to google results when you're searching something. So, it's important to choose attractive values to these.
The title meta tag the most important, without which the site will not be showed on top of the search engines.
I'll show you a image example for well understanding:

In the red box there is site title that is matching with the value of title meta-tag;
In the black one there is site description. Are you asking why there is topic content? Yeah, this is a great feauture of google I must say which select all the site text and put this there for a better finding of what we are searching.
The meta-tag for site keywords is named keywords, about which I said above, in the 3th advice.

5. Internal linking:
This is useful to know for that who are using Flash scripts or Javascript scripts. The linkin from Flash forms, aren't accesible by search engines crawlers. So, for appearence of your webpages don't use javascript or flash linking. You can use the HTML form:
<a href="LINK" alt="Three words description" title="Hover text">Click here</a>
First rank page is in the most cases homepage. Because from this mainpage crawlers are accesing another forum links. From this reason I suggest you to use as many linking to your site web pages, as are importants, main ones. Of course, there is not welcome excessing, abusing linking. The popularity of your site starts with your mainpage/homepage, or first page. Again: crawlers will acces your forum from page to page.

6. About partnerships:
This is also a good advice for improving your forum from the SEO poin of view. This has 2 basic feautures:
Any site member or even guest from there can acces your site. This is from the poin of view not of SEO, but just of promoting site.
And crawlers can acces your site from another one, because, as I said they acces from page to page to infinity. This will helps you to improving your SEO.
You should use this feauture. Try searching the sites with the same subject/topic of discussing. Since you finded one, you should reason/determine the owner of that site to put your site link on his site for free. The best choose is the mainpage, because as I said above, these are the most important for it's engines popularity.
Don't use this for sites that are poorly positioned in the google top or that request you to pay.

Note: Crawlers are like robots. And they behave like a guest.

This article can't be copied on another sites. Thanks, Coddy!

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2 Re: Tips and advices for improving SEO on Mon Apr 16, 2012 4:36 pm


Thank's Coddy, yet another informative, well thought out post. As always I enjoyed reading it, and have +1'd your article.

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3 Re: Tips and advices for improving SEO on Mon Apr 16, 2012 5:19 pm


Oh, glad you like it! Very Happy

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4 Re: Tips and advices for improving SEO on Mon Apr 16, 2012 5:45 pm


Awesome article. Thank you for sharing and helping forum.

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5 Re: Tips and advices for improving SEO on Mon Apr 16, 2012 5:56 pm


Glad I could help. Very Happy

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