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1 Forum content on Sun Apr 08, 2012 9:51 pm


Hi all!

This is my first article for ForumotionHub members.

- Forum content -

The forum content is very important part. This is the basic of an interesting, funny, friendly community.

How should we choose forum content? I have some advices for you below:

1. Always create interesting topics, that would attract members to posting a comment to it. You should know, that this content arrive to google, bing, yahoo and other search engines on the internet. So, for improving forum, you should be carefully with the correctness of words and prepositions. And the most important and simple thing is Title of the topic, because it also arrive to google, and you should know - the topic title appear, like in the image below, first, with a big text size. See in the red...
The black border is the topic content - post.

2. If in the forum exist a lot of spam, do not let it. You should delete, or edit the message and remove the useless part. Or, if you're afraid that your statistics will fall, you can move post(s) to a special section/forum like Garbage.

3. Always try to be friendly with forum users and offer them the best. If a user is new on forum, and she/he have mistaked, don't ban/warn it suddenly, even if he posted his forum url intentionally or not. Just edit the message, remove the link, and try to reason the user to remain on your forum. This was just an example, you can more, I know!

4. All the forum text, should be written correct, and should have logical sense. No grammar, vocabulary errors, the forums descriptions, subject titles, widget titles, and so... Even if a member has a little mistake in his title of the topic, edit the title of the topic.

5. Another, important thing is the originally of content. You should have interesting discussion topics, and uniques. If you'll copy the content from the neighbor you will not be creative and original.

6. Rely on the principal subject of your forum. Create interesting articles, and tutorials to members.

7. You can decorate your subject with some elegant tables, boxes, lines. Yeah, decorating a post is according to BBCodes. Its are fantastic. If a topic is very simple and it's written by a non-staff member this shouldn't have a lot of decorations. Else if, there is a tutorial, or an important message to members, announcement, forum rules topic etc, you should be sure in using feautures of BBCodes.

8. Your forum members will help you with forum, and they'll be active members if you'll be friendly, and if they'll like the community..

All for today! Razz

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2 Re: Forum content on Mon Apr 09, 2012 10:03 am


Supreme Overlord of the Forum
Supreme Overlord of the Forum
Awesome article Coddy. Very Happy

Some very useful tips there that I'll definitely be using to make this forum a better place. Smile


Base at your service
Founder of FMHub and supreme overlord of the forum
If a man does his best, then what else is there?
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3 Re: Forum content on Mon Apr 09, 2012 12:39 pm


Thanks. I'm pround to help with articles. Very Happy

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4 Re: Forum content on Sun Apr 15, 2012 6:29 am


Awesome coddy. Razz

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